I deleted Instagram off my phone b/c I found myself getting too sucked into reels

"There is a sense of satisfaction to actively create content than to passively consume content."

Right?! Hope you enjoy the sense of satisfaction from publishing this essay :D I certainly enjoyed reading it.

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Looks like you added some dope to your writing ! I feel like coming back to it again and again

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Wow great essay, Shubham! This was an excellent read.

I've struggled with my social media and technology usage as well and I loved the conclusions you came to. You had some killer observational insights like "It is an uphill battle to eliminate mind-numbing social media distractions because our brains are wired to prioritise pleasure," and personal reflections like "I had been wasting my time in my search for connection."

It's so important to pay attention to what you pay attention to. In a very real way, where you decide to place your attention determines the quality of your life.

Amazing work :)

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Much resonated! Loved it.

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