I am intrigued by your reference to “ LIFE”. Do 20 something really turn to the internet for everything?

As a 50 something, I love the loads of information on the web to help me at work as well as personal decisions. When buying a car, majority of my research is online. But being the first generation of internet savvy professionals, i still take it with a grain of salt and explore offline or more high touch channels.

But when it comes to answers about “life”, my 50 something mind tends to travel inward and high touch experience while still indulging in a healthy bit of online browsing for experiential anecdotes. Well that’s me !

But your article did raise a curiosity about 20 something’s? Why are they searching for answers on going about “life” ? What kind of questions do they have? Do they tend to default to the internet as the be all? Have the questions changed from one generation to another?

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Thank you for the comment Srini. I think it would be unfair to say our generation relies for everything on the internet. We too understand that everything on the internet needs to be taken with a grain of salt. This essay was an observation of the contradiction of advice I have found on the internet.

A 20-something has questions about life because coming out of the college where life was structured with assignments, exams and classes. Real life on the other hand is unstructured. Most of my peers are in the same boat with a degree, a job, stable life. In trying to find the next adventure in the unstructured life is when quarter-life crisis hits and we start looking for "LIFE" answers. Mostly related to career directions and finding that adventure.

The current generation leans on the internet for advice the same way the previous generation relied on self-help books for answers (Rich Dad Poor Dad, Who Moved my cheese, The monk who sold his Ferrari etc). I feel the questions are similar, the format of content consumption has changed.

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I feel lucky to be in the 50 something club that has traveled the journey from books to internet but has not left books to collect dust on the shelf !

I think the 20 something’s can also benefit if they augment the huge insights from the internet with traditional style knowledge acquisition, be it books or human interactions

It is like navigating without a gps with a better intuition and sense of direction. Can you still find your way if internet / gps is taking away?

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