I am intrigued by your reference to “ LIFE”. Do 20 something really turn to the internet for everything?

As a 50 something, I love the loads of information on the web to help me at work as well as personal decisions. When buying a car, majority of my research is online. But being the first generation of internet savvy professionals, i still take it with a grain of salt and explore offline or more high touch channels.

But when it comes to answers about “life”, my 50 something mind tends to travel inward and high touch experience while still indulging in a healthy bit of online browsing for experiential anecdotes. Well that’s me !

But your article did raise a curiosity about 20 something’s? Why are they searching for answers on going about “life” ? What kind of questions do they have? Do they tend to default to the internet as the be all? Have the questions changed from one generation to another?

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